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Fur for the Brides

Posted by violeta 17/09/2018 1 Comment(s) Bridal real fur stoles,Wedding Fur Shalws & Stoles,Wedding fur accessories,Wedding white fur accessories,

As far as we know, is probably the only e-shop of fur accessories dedicated to brides. We have long traditions in modelling and selling fur stoles and fur accessories. The concept itself came as an inspiration from our customers. As brides-to-be kept sending us inquiries, we used to have lots of individual orders for fur pelerines and other fur accessories. Encouraged by our customers, we have designed wedding accessories not only for brides, but also for all the ladies in a wedding party. Our shop features stoles and shawls of different fur and model as well as hand muffs, hats, scarves, collars, and other fur accessories. For your convenience, we will arrange a free express delivery worldwide. If you have difficulty in finding an accessory you were looking for, you can always send us a request. We will be glad to serve you as we take individual orders quite often, too. All our fur is of the highest quality, and all the accessories are produced in Italy by the hands of skilled tailors, real masters of the crafts.



1 Comment(s)

12/12/2018, 05:31:44 PM

Thanks for posting such a beautiful wedding fur accessories blog. From this we come to know that this shop is only dedicated to brides and ladies at a wedding party. Like this AMIFUR provides wedding accessories for brides and ladies also.

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