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Fur Hand Muffs Today

Posted by violeta 29/09/2016 1 Comment(s)

As we have just learned, hand muffs were particularly popular in old days – the accessory of true society women. These days, however, you will seldom see a woman with her hands surrounded gently by fur muffs to keep them warm. Still, this accessory hasn’t entirely abandoned ladies wardrobe, and quite often designers succeed in giving it a new lease of life.

For instance, the collection by Michael Kors from the last winter season featured several models presenting hand muffs of natural fur (

Overall, fur accessories today tend to beat fur coats for popularity, and there are practical reasons for that. Fur coat is often a costly investment for decades, whereas the accessories pay better; you can purchase a fur hat, a couple of hand muffs, or a neckpiece for a relatively small amount. This way you can spice up your image with yet another savor. Muffs are an especially feminine accessory that brings you luxurious style, and – and above all – is very usable during cold winter days.

If you feel like a sportier lady, however, consider picking instead a more sporting model such as a muff-handbag; for nice samples, check out this:

To conclude, we will note that hand muffs are arguably up for grabs by brides-to-be these days. The wedding is the one and only day when exclusive femininity and elegance is the prime desire of each lady. Do you know any accessory other than a cuddly hand muff of natural fur that will suit better for warming the bride’s hands? Frequently, creative brides ornament their muffs with various flowers; this makes the accessory a terrific alternative to the wedding bouquet.


1 Comment(s)

19/10/2016, 01:55:37 PM

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