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The Bride Is Above All

Posted by violeta 22/06/2016 1 Comment(s) Wedding white fur accessories,Wedding fur accessories,Bridal real fur stoles,Wedding Fur Shalws & Stoles,

The wedding is the biggest celebration of your lifetime, and it takes months for the bride-to-be to get prepared for this. At the wedding party, every detail counts: the flowers, dishes, site, decorations, gifts for the guests, etc. Everybody knows, however, that the bride is the key attraction. It’s not only the attention that she gets, but also the account by the other ladies at the party and their comments such as “oh dear, she did look like a princess!”, or “well, her dress could have been a bit longer…”, or “wow, her hairstyle was so gorgeous… I will definitely go for this one on my own wedding!” And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a big wedding party, or just a small one for the close family and friends, every eye is on the bride – her dress, hair, make-up, manicure, and so on. Many think that the wedding is the best chance for ladies to taste what it’s like being a queen. So it comes as no surprise that the bride-to-be usually prepares for this event very carefully, and they tend to spend most of their time and effort on searching the suitable dress and accessories. Among other things, the accessories you can choose from depend on the wedding season as well. Even though summer remains the most popular wedding time, with all those thrills of blooming flowers around and sunshine, we believe winter can be just as spectacular time to get married. Just check out those pictures from a winter wedding – aren’t they all perfect!? And if we talk about the dress and the accessories, winter is exactly the season for trying the image of the Snow Queen, or the Snowflake! We would bet nothing agrees better with this image than a smooth stylish fur coat. Don’t forget to try fur shawls, stoles, and wraps as well. These perfect accessories not only will keep you warm, but will also boost your elegance and provide that luxury so needed for the bride’s image.



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