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The Wedding In Winter?

Posted by violeta 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Wedding white fur accessories,Wedding fur accessories,Bridal real fur stoles,Wedding Fur Shalws & Stoles,

Traditionally, the engaged couple wants to celebrate their wedding in summer when it’s warm, with all those flowers around you in bloom and lots of sunshine. Meanwhile, the ugly autumn rain and winter freeze appear absolutely charmless. As observed by quite a few wedding planners, however, a winter wedding can be even more spectacular than your wedding-day in the summer – as long as you don’t mind putting some extra fantasy into it.
From the practical side, the bills for a winter wedding party are by a long way lower. Photographers, wedding planners, showmen all ask less for their services during the winter. The same goes to the charges for celebration sites and decorations. Moreover, you don’t need to live with that annoying summer merry-go-round when one wedding company is hot on another’s heels in front of the church. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, remember that in the summer the best photographers, performers, and wedding planners are usually snapped up and hence unavailable.
Every season has its own advantages. A winter wedding décor may look truly originally; consider using red berries, various twigs, and cones instead of the traditional bouquet. You are free to arrange a spectacular photo session outdoors with sledge, fire, and red wine; imagine the bride swathed in a fur stole with her hands being kept warm by fur muffs. The tree lops can be decorated with red berries and zephyrs. And don’t forget that we always think of Christmas in winter, so you can use any number of red color, candles, and twinkling bulbs. Your own fantasy is all that matters here! But if you don’t want to get puzzled with all this, just hire a wedding planner to bring the ideas of turning your winter wedding into the fairy-tale nobody will ever forget!


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